Vol. 24, part 12

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you contentment and the serenity that you have been searching for during many past incarnations.

Join with us now as we, once again, start another week of understanding. A week that may bring joy and peace or it may bring hearth ache and pain.

Join with us now as we, once again, seek the meaning of this life and the reason why you are here during these times of stress.

Join with us now as we the Masters, Guides, Celestial Beings, Angels and Archangels, Higher Selves, and of course, our God/Goddess. Along with this group today we find that our dearly beloved Mother Sophia and Father Michael are also attending. This is quite a gang we have here, but they are all so interested in what is happening upon your Earth that they wish to say peace be with you and we go on.

We have spoken so often about the turmoil that is happening upon this planet Earth that we thought it would be more pleasurable to speak of the love and laughter and healing that is being done on a daily basis within the confines of this Earth.

You only hear about the war and unrest that is happening around you, but look deep into the hearts of those who have come through these events and you will see stories of love and laughter.

Now is the time to dig deep into the soul and find the love that is waiting to emerge. Now is the time to seek the solitude of your mind and allow the peacefulness of this world to come into your heart.
You do not have to sit and listen and view all of the negative that is going on around you. The fact that all of these incidents are being broadcast only makes them more prevalent and does not dismiss them from the viewer’s sense.

You do not have to be part of the anger and frustration, but you can turn off that media box and feel the warmth of the Sun and hear the laughter of the children that are close to you.

If you do not have any children living in your area, listen then to the birds that are chirping in the trees. Listen to the doves early in the morning as they greet each other and the world. You may think that they are neighbors speaking back and forth to each other, but if you listen very closely you will know that they are the wonderful loving doves sending you’re their morning love.

Now is the time to put aside all of the anguish and fear that you have been hoarding and bring out the love and passion that you have been hiding for so long.

So many of you have forgotten what peace is really like. You have forgotten that you can do whatever you wish and in doing so will bring contentment to your being.

So many of you have put aside all of the love and joy that brought you into this world and are so wrapped up in the events of the day that you do not realize that your life is your own and you do not have to accept any of the words and thoughts that are being sent to you.

Start right now and put aside all of the new reports and published books that are of a negative nature.

Start right now and ignore any of the angry words that come to you and let them blend in with the love that is so positive upon this land.

Start right now and accept that you are love and all around you is love and you do not need anything else but the love of the God/Goddess to see you through.

Think once again about the protection that you are using. There are times when this protection has become outdated and you need to have a new set of commands to protect you from the negative world outside of you.

You may not be aware of how to change you protection or even if you have any protection at all. This is protection sent by your guides to keep you safe from the negative energy surrounding you.

In order to bring this protection in being, you need to put yourselves in a meditative state and ask for protection from harm in this daily world. You will either hear or feel the words that are coming from your Higher Self and he/she will cover you with the love of this protection.

If you do not know how to do this, then simply write this channel and she will proceed to send you the protection that is just for you alone.

Think about the love of those who are around you. They may not be able to show you their love in a manner than would be soothing to you, but know that the love that is sent is meant to hold you together and help you be at peace.

Think about your day to day activities and feel the changes that are coming your way. Think about the moves that you will be making during the next few months and know that they are only for your own good.

There is nothing that happens upon this plane that is not done for your own good. It may not seem that some of the events are detrimental to you, but in reality they are part of the education of the soul of which you are participating.

All of the feelings and changes, whether they be positive or negative, are for your own good. Nothing happens without a reason and you must accept all that comes to you as positive and for the betterment of your life upon this plane.

Open you hearts and mind to the events that are new to you. Accept all that is coming into your life and be at peace.

Be one with the one your love and accept all of the positive and negative that comes to you. Accept all that is given to you and you will reap the benefits of love as it comes to you today.

Be at peace.

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We leave you now in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis