Vol. 24, part 11
Beloved, I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you the contentment and serenity that you have been searching for during these past incarnations.

Come and join with us now as we seek into the days ahead and see what is forthcoming and look back into the past and acknowledge all that has gone between.

This is a time of unrest and despair. This is a time when all of the world seems to be afire and the souls that walk upon this earth are finding more and more torture and pain than they have seen in the past.

There are so many changes taking place upon this Earth that it is hard to differentiate between the actual Earth changes and the changes caused by man during his life upon this earth.

The Earth changes such as the massive volcanoes and hurricanes and tornados that you are experiencing are part of the way in which the earth cleanses the
World of the overpopulation that is so abundant at the present time.

This Earth is crowded with too many people and the population of each and every country seems to be growing with each passing day. There just aren’t enough houses or food the water to sustain all that are surviving upon this plain.

Look carefully at the pictures that you see when you are observing the changes around the world. Look closely at the numbers of souls who are depicted in front of you. The destruction that is taking place with the earthquakes are but a small fraction of what is happening in various overpopulated nations are the world.

When you were in your soul home you asked to be incarnated upon the plain that would be experiencing earth changes, so that you could see what was going on around the world.

Some of you have been here before and have lived through chaos and unrest, but you wanted to return to see just what would happen when the Mother earth decided it was time to cleanse the earth of the overpopulation. You requested to see what is happening before you and therefore you now have the ability to do just that.

Some of you have lived on this land when it was first developed and were part of the animal life to human that existed at that time. Life was cruel, but it was not overcrowded. Life was a live and let live situation where you were able to find you food and take care of your loved ones in a carefree manner.

Some of you lived during times of change when the aliens from above came to this Earth to help those who wanted to advance their knowledge and abilities. These beings came to your earth to show you how to develop some of the natural materials and how to move them from space to space in an easy manner.

Life was difficult, at that time, but still there wasn’t the devastation and tension that you have developed as you have grown in knowledge and ability.

Life continued on along the path of development and there was enough for all who lived upon this land. The serenity of life was here for all to enjoy and you moved through your lives in a pleasant and serene manner.

Then came those who wanted more. They were not content with the passiveness of the day, but wanted to move on have more of everything that was around them. Along with this desire for more came the ability to develop machines that would bring more to the world.

Soon more was not enough and there were wars and anguish that more and more into everyone hands and life was serene for a while.

And so it went from one extreme to another, always wanting more and more and not realizing that the Earth could not support all that was coming into play.
Life was difficult for those who did not have the knowledge or insight to develop these new inventions and they sought to become part of this new age of development, but could not keep up with the masses.

Some lived in lands where the water and all that comes with the water disappeared and they were thrust into a dry, arid land without the ability to develop what was needed to support those who lived among them.

They became angry and frustrated with the lack of everyday necessities and soon peace was forgotten and there was anguish and destruction all over that part of the world.

Now you see what is happening in those lands where water is not available and life if overabundant. You see those hungry souls looking for food and children dying because they are not able to survive.

What can you do? How can you bring less chaos into this world and realize that this is the Earth changing in a manner that you wished to see when you first decided to incarnate on this Earth at this time.

Look ahead, if you can. All of this disruption will soon become a thing of the past. Those of you have the ability to develop new weapons of peace will come forth and change what is going on at the present time.

This is the reason you are here. All of you will some part in the changes that need to be made to bring harmony and joy to this world. All of you have some talent that was given to you, at birth, to make this world a place of peace and love.

Look around you and figure out what you can do to remove the anger and frustration from this world and bring peace and love back into a reality.

Realize that you do not need to have everything that is available to you, but just enough to let you live a realized existence.

Realize that it is time to share and give to others the love that is in your heart and with so doing you will be passing on this joy to those who are so in need.

Think about the things that have been passed on to you today. Do you see what you can do to stop all of the lying, cheating, unruliness and greed that is going on in this world?

Now is the time to remove those who are trying so hard to demolish this land. Now is the time to work together in a positive manner and be at peace.


The forum is closed.

For now we leave you in peace and love,
Zephyr and Borealis