Helios Speaks

Vol. 24, part 10

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you the contentment and serenity that has been with you during past incarnations and all of the thoughts and desire for a life that is full of all that you have been seeking during past generations.

I am Helios and with me is my partner Vesta. We are the God and Goddess of the Central Sun and as such we stand watch over the Earth and all of the other planets in this Universe.

We are particularly interested in Earth, at the present time, because of all of the turmoil that is erupting both in and outside of this Earth.

We watch with interest as you, as humans, move forward from one extreme to another. You do not seem to be able to stay in one place and complete one function before you leapfrog into another event that is brought into your open minds.

We watch with even greater interest as you try desperately to bring your earthly functions into reality and put aside all of the teachings of the past. You do not seem to be able to draw on what has been given to you in the earlier days of this incarnation, but jump from one thought to another and one experience to another without staying put in one place and experiencing the joy that is being given to you at that time.

We watch, not only Helios and I, but all of the Ascended Masters who are with us in this Open Forum, as you read from one week to another all of the directions that are being given to you and yet you do nothing about these thoughts and ideas.

We watch, (am I repeating myself?), as you constantly move from one mind set to another and yet you cannot settle on what you want to do and how you want to do it. You do not seem to be able to stick to one thought and allow that thought to grow and flourish so that you can make use of these ideas that are being given to you.

We know that you all need advice, on a daily basis, but you cannot absorb that which is being sent to you. Maybe it is because you have not accepted the fact that you are able to hear and feel the ideas that are being given to you so that you can sit back and really experience this life that you have chosen.

During the past life times that you have lived through there have been the same type of conflicts that you are experiencing today. You came back into this life so that you can learn from these past life experiences and put to use all that has been available to you.

You, who have walked upon the Earth for so many million years, do not accept these thoughts. You are not aware that you have many abilities gained from past lives that you are not putting into action now.

The only ones who are actually putting into action on the Earth at this time are those from the Trinity Universe. The Blue Stars, as you call them who started incarnating upon Earth about 40 plus years ago. They are the ones who are now stepping forward to teach those who will listen about the new technologies of this Earth.

These Blue Stars are the new leaders of the Earth and they have brought with them the ability and knowledge to make this land one of peace and love. I know that you have been told this over and over, but have you really looked around you and seen just exactly what the youth of today are trying to teach you?

We watch this Earth and we feel the pangs of disruption as the inner workings of the land move back and forth and bring to the surface great changes.

You can feel the changes as the earth quakes beneath your feet, but do you do anything about them? Do you try to change the structures, in which you find yourselves, into a more stable and solid foundation to hold you up straight and allow your buildings to remain secure and safe?

Do you, or are you aware, of the function of some of the factories that send pollutants into the air? Are you aware that these pollutants are bring into your lives a lack of food to maintain your lives?

I know that we have spoken often of the changes that are going on upon this Earth, but you are not getting the point! You are not listening to what needs to be done and then following the path that will allow this to happen.

Most of you are so wrapped up in the misery of those across the world from you, that you cannot see that the same miseries are right in front of you. If you do not open your eyes and view what is around you then this world, as you know it, will disappear.

Now is the time to bring these children of the Blue Ray into the leadership roles of today. Now is the time to allow these now adults to open your eyes to the knowledge that they have brought with them and allow them to give you the new thoughts from the Universe from which they came.

Soon will follow the Crystal Children, who are much more placid than the blue stars, but never the less much more intelligent than the blue ray group ever thought of being.

You will see these Crystal Children, who are now just starting High School, bring into your presence the ability to accept what is going on around them, but only in a peaceful and placid manner.

Whereas the Blue Stars were not aware what they would find when they came to Earth, the Crystal children are aware and open to the right and wrong of this world and are working to change all of the anger and frustration that the Blue Stars had to endure.

Look at the new little beings that are coming to earth now and see the joy and laughter in their eyes from the day of their birth. You will find a calming feeling come over you as you watch them grown and realize that they are the peace keepers of the next generation.

Be aware that this time of trial is only here for a short while. You will find that soon the unrest will be dismissed and that a calmness will come about as you open your eyes and hearts to the goodness that is around you.

Do not allow the anger and negativity to stay within your reach, but do let peace and love stay within your heart and soul. Make your place a rest and life one that is running smoothly and without the clutter that yesterday brought to you.

Think on these things.


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We leave you in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis

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