Vol. 24, part 9

Beloved, I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the great Central Sun. I bring you joy and love and the peace and understanding that you have been searching for during the past generations that you have experienced. I bring you hope for the now and contentment for the past that you have succeeded to enjoy as you have walked upon this Earth so many times

We wish to thank Helios for his opening prayer each week and accept all of the energy that is being sent to you from the great Central Sun.

This is Everett and I am so grateful to be walking upon this Earth with you, at this present time. The experiences that I have heart and mind opening as I see all of the positive that is being sent to you from the Masters of Universe.

It is also energizing for me to simply be a soul amongst so many of you who are open to the wonders of this Universe. You, who have opened your hearts and minds to the awakening of those around you, bring so much comfort to those who are just now on the path of light.

You, who have opened up eyes to the wonders of this world and have given me the ability to see beyond the curtain of darkness into the light of love that is so full of abundance upon this plane.

Thanks all of you who have let me ride with you among the many paths of this Earth to see how different and wonderful this planet is compared to others that make up this Universe. You should all be blessed with the wonders that have come forth during our times together.

For those of you who are not aware of my being, I am Everett, Ambassador to Earth for the Intergalactic Federation. I have been sent here to see how much advancement has taken place, upon this Earth, since Ash tar and his group of star searchers were first awakened to life upon this planet.

This has been many generations since we first came into being aware of Earth and viewed all of the advancements that were taken place upon a land that seemed to be so primitive.

In the olden times life was very primitive and yet there were minds that were open to advancement of this world. These were aliens from other worlds that have since exploded into nothingness, but still had the knowledge to help the primitives of this world advance at a very fast degree.

These aliens came to this Earth from several planets that were much more advanced than Earth and were able to mingle with those primitives to help them along the path that we all knew to be their future.

You can see the effects of these beings in the pyramids in Egypt where some of the Masters landed many eons ago. The development and technology came from planets close to Earth and were developed to keep the records of time engulfed in the hearts of these great buildings. You have yet to uncovered all of the writings of those times long past.

There are so many other edifices that have risen upon your land with help of those who, also being members of the Intergalactic Federation, have brought into being.

More is happening each day and your technology seems to be growing in abundance and new ideas and thoughts are coming into being with each passing day.

Many of these are due to the growth of the Indigo (Blue Star) children who have reached the age of maturity and are now allowing all of the knowledge from the Trinity Universe to be brought forward.

Much of these advances in health and science are a result of the Blue Stars being scattered all over this world. There are, however, some Blue Stars that have grown in negativity and now find that they want only what is good for themselves and are bringing anger and hatred to many parts of this beautiful planet.

This type of anger and hatred that is being spread across this world is draining the energy from those who are open to the light and trying to spread peace and love to all who walk upon the land.

Those who are feeling a draining of the energy that usually keeps them up and about now find that they cannot put one step in front of another without a great draining of the energy that is needed to assist those souls who are in need in other parts of the world.

You are finding that with the hatred and anger the Earth is putting forth more energy is being spent to keep all who are walking the blessed path of Light on a positive path.

Do you find that there are some days when you just can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other? Do you feel that you would rather stay quietly in bed settled only in a meditate state than put your feet on the ground and move forward with your normal activities of the day?

Ah, this is such a normal time and should accept all that is being given to you. Maybe it would be wise to spend some morning time in meditation and send some of your energy out into the Universe so that it can spread this healing power to those who are In need.

Maybe this is possible, within the framework of your life, but do allow yourselves to be accepting of this lack of energy as it is being used by others who are more in need than you at the present time.

Do not accept this lack of energy to remain with you for long as you need to bring into the atmosphere more of your wellbeing and positiveness of responsibility into this world.

As you gather together in the groups that you have brought into being, allow your energy to be brought together to form a positive circle of light which can then be sent out into the world to bring peace and harmony to the souls who are crying for your help.

It is also true that much of your energy is being used by those souls that are being tortured in lands far away. They do not have the ability to push away all of the anger that is surrounding them and are grabbing at the energy that is being sent to them.

You will find that, once again, who need to meditate deeply and in part for a shorter period of time. Small bursts of light and love can move quickly though this world than long undeveloped meditation can bring. Allow yourself to meditate for a short period of time during the early morning hours and then once again late at night before you pass into the Astral plane. You will find that you will feel more energized than ever before.

Now it is time for me to take leave of your loving presence until next time.

Be at peace and allow the talents of this incarnation to come forth and send the blessedness of your abilities to those in need.


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We are all in need of the energy of the God/Goddess that is being sent to this planet. Use is wisely and well and know that this is just a passing phase that will bring health and a greater abundance to each of you.

We leave you now in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis

Email: zephyrp@q.com