Happy Easter

Vol. 24, part 8

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you the contentment and serenity that you have been searching for during the past incarnations of your soul.

Join with us now as we celebrate the resurrection of our dear and beloved Sananda (Jesus). We come together to hear the words of our Father as he brings forth his only begotten son back from the grave of darkness and into the light that is surrounding us all today.

As is the case, most of the time, we find that this Easter celebration comes forth at the same time as the leaves are turning green and the land is awakening from the cold and darkness of the winter time. We find that we too are opening our hearts to the brightness of the springtime that is surrounding this world.

We wish, in times like today, to put aside all of the negativity and anger of those who have not awaken to the goodness of life, and see around us only that which is positive and alive.

We find that the land around us, including the rivers, mountains, valleys and oceans are coming forth with new life.

All around there is the sound of the birds as they observed making their nests in preparation for the new life that will come to be. If you look into the trees that are bringing for the greenery of spring, you will also see these nests that are slowly being made from the twigs and leavings of the months that have just passed.

If you look hard enough you will find that, in many places, that land is softening and the buds of the flowers that will be are starting to poke their heads up out of the ground.

For those of you who have listened to Ayah, the goddess of the divas, and have maintained your diva houses around your outdoor yards, you will find that there is movement amongst these houses as our friendly little divas are awakening from the long winter and are finding their path along the garden to see what need to be repaired and brought back to life among the plants that have keep them alive since the first winter storms.

Yes, the divas are back and with their arrival will come the blessings of the land with the blossoming of the flowers and the flowering of the trees that will bring fruit and pleasure to your world.

This is the brightening time of year when everything is fresh and new and your hearts are filled with love and compassion.

This is the time of year when everything around you seems to be giving you the blessings of the heart and the soul is awakening to the love that is so much a part of your life.

Allow the sunshine of the world surround you and give of your best to those who are in need.

So many souls have been living in a world of ice and cold and trying to find some sort of warmth from the snow and ice and has been surrounding them.

So many souls have been searching for a sense of love and freedom from the coldness of the world around them that they have not been able to feel the blessedness of the energy that has been sent to them.

Now is the time for all of that energy to be brought forward and for those who have been suffering during the cold winter months to come out of their shells and see the joy of life around them.

It may not be only the poor and hungry of body who have suffered so much during the trying times of winter, but also those who are suffering from the hunger of the blessedness of the spiritual nature that has been missing.

Now is the time to open your hearts and minds and souls to the goodness that you have to offer to those who are in need.

Now is the time to greet each day as though it were your first and realize that the spiritual nature of your world is surrounding you and the talents that you were given upon the start of this incarnation are now coming to pass.

You will find, during these awakening times that you are able to bring the warmth of Universe to those who are seeking a path that has been lost for so long.

You will find that many will come to you and ask for a sense of being and you will be able to supply them with that which the lost souls have been searching for since time began.

Now is the time to open your heart and soul to the words of your guides that are showing you the path that you are to follow and now is the time to follow that path.

Many of you have gone through trying times during the long cold months that have just past, but know that now you are able to feel the goodness for which you have been searching and are able to give to those around you the joy and laughter that is so needed at this time.

Remember that this is only the beginning of a new sense of reasoning. Remember that time is just starting for you to enjoy the newness that is around you and also remember that you have so much to offer to those who are in need.

Do not put your abilities aside. Do not lose that sense of joy that has been hiding deep within your heart, but do bring into your reality all that you can give and have given in the past to those in need.

Search for the positive and bring into the forefront of your mind all of talents that you have been hiding for so long.
Bring your telepathic and empathic powers back into this Universe and put them to work assisting those who are constantly searching for a reason for this life.

Yes, you can help them know who they are and what they have to do during this lifetime.

Think on these things.


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We wish you are the most blessed heart at this time of Easter. Enjoy the newness that is around you and be at peace.

We leave you now in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis

Email: zephyr@q.com