Vol. 24, part 7

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you the contentment and serenity that you have been searching for during the past incarnations that you have experienced.

Come and join with us now as we once again bring forth the members of the Open Forum and the knowledge that comes from those who have walked this earth in prior times and also those Ascended Masters and spiritual beings who have never experienced the life that is upon this realm.

Join with us now as we, once again, come together to feel the energy of the spiritual world and all of those who are willing to share this energy with those of you who are lacking in the spiritual life or who have wished for the world to become a place of love and laughter as it has been in the past.

This is Everett and I am so glad to be back amongst you as you open your hearts and minds to the world around you, It is a true experience, to walk upon this Earth and feel the warmth and blessedness of those who are seeking the peace and love that is trying so desperately to once again come forth amongst those who are pushing aside all of the negativity and awakening to only the peace and fulfillment of the life that once was.

Stand still for a moment and look around you, No matter where you are or what you are seeing just stand still and feel the perfection that this Earth has in store for you.

Many of you are only feeling the negativity that is stretching its wings across the broad plains in the land where our dearly beloved Sananda (Jesus) once walked.

Many of you are so wrapped up in the horror and disruption of the world that is falling apart around you and that you cannot understand that this is the changing of life as it has been known in the past. The world that is being destroyed comes from history of the past where life such as it is now was once the norm.

You will see a gathering of the great tribes of the Middle East come forth and lay to rest those wish to bring mass mayhem to those who are surrounding them.

You will see great armies of peace loving souls come forth and release all of the negative forces that are bringing destruction to all parts of the world. The energy of the God/Goddess has been awaken and the peace and love of the Ascended Masters is being released in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the outstanding tribes of the past.

Soon you will find the leaders of the negative world will be brought to their knees and the peace loving populace will put down the insanity that has overtaken their beings.

Soon you will feel the pressure of the Old World come forth and bring with it the blessedness of the Saints of the past and peace shall come, once again, to this world.

This is truly a time of change upon the planet Earth. Many of you have incarnated during this time so that you could see the changes that are taking place at the present time.

You will find that with the next few months there will be great upheavals in the world where the volcanoes of the past will come to life and destroy much of the anger and frustration that is being release at the present time.

Already you are seeing the volcanoes of the past erupting in great quantities in areas that were blessed in the past.

You will find that great earth movements will come into being and you will see and feel the land shake beneath your feet. This will happen in lands that are so full of negativity that the only manner of release is through the opening of the land the destruction of those who are not of a spiritual nature.
We of the galactic federation are awaiting the events that will change the world and then we will come forth with the healing power that will bring the serenity of which you have been searching back to the land of freedom and peace.

We are watching over you and are protecting you from the destructive powers that are spreading their anger and frustration around the world. We are and have been with you during trying times keeping you safe from all who do not accept the spiritual life that you cling to.

Now is the time for each of you to open your hearts and minds to the reality that the past and the world of past lives is returning, but will be dismissed and returned to the inner world much as was done to the Lizzies of the past.

Soon the land will open up in places where the forces of evil reign and they shall be returned to the inner world of fire and brimstone.

Allow yourselves to keep positive thoughts within your heart and keep the reality of tomorrow come forth. Allow the Earth to open up and swallow those who do not understand the love and patience that is part of the true Earth.

This is a positive world and one that is blessed with love and understanding.

During the past few years those of negative influence have tried to overcome this Earth and destroy all of the forces of good. You have watched these entities overcome the thought patterns of the positive and push their ideals into the land of destruction. You have allowed these beings to come forth and do damage to all that is surrounding them, but now it is time to turn the clock back and bring hope and peace and love to the world.

Watch for the signs of positive Earth changes to come and allow Mother Nature to move across the land that is being terminated in vast degrees.

Watch for the moving of the lava as is comes down from the mountains and feel the earth shaking in areas that have not been prepared for this movement.

Notice and windstorms come racing across the desert lands and the water from past rivers come back into being.
You will see plants and rivers and land full of milk and honey return to barren lands, as the evil is pushed aside and peace once again comes to this world.

We have seen it happen and know that this is true.

Be at peace.


It is good to be back. Still not 100%, but am getting there.

For now we leave you in peace and love,
Zephyr and Borealis

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