Indigio Children

Vol. 24, part 6

Beloved, I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you the contentment and serenity that you have been seeking during many past incarnations. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge that which lies ahead.

Join with us now as we, the member of the Open Forum, come before with thoughts and ideas for the days ahead. Think about the words that come to you and hear the inner meaning of those words.

Join with us now as we bring into your conscious mind the thoughts that are needed if you are to survive during these trying times that are beholden unto you.

We wish to save you from the last of peace and love, but given you some words of advice and thoughts of serenity to help you bring into this world all of the goodness that is needed for the nurturing of the generation that is to follow.

I know that we have spoken often of the generation that is quickly becoming a reality in this life that you have chosen. We have gone over and over again about the Blue Star or Indigo children that are growing so quickly and becoming part of the leadership of the massive companies that are ruling this world.

You are seeing great quantities of young people coming forward with thoughts and ideas the likes of which have not been seen upon this plane.

You are hearing the ideas of yesterday come into being and then flourishing in the technical section of industry that is progressing so rapidly.

Think about all of the new equipment that has been brought to the forefront of your mind and then realize that these inventions were brought forth, not by the elder members of your world, but by the young people that are scaling the walls of independence and succeeding in bringing forth thoughts and ideas that are bringing a newness to your world.

You are looking at the biochemistry field and finding new cures for diseases that have long laid untouched and deadly during the times long past.

Now you are seeing and hearing of cures for illnesses that have in the past had no cure and yet now they are becoming cured diseases that no longer have any place in your world.

Soon you will find cures for the most deadly of diseases, all because of the ability of these Blue Star children that are reaching into their 30’s and 40’s and starting to understand why they were sent to this earth.

No matter what field you are interested in you will find that there is a cure or a new dimension to the thought pattern you have found unreachable in the past.

Sit back and watch these young adult grow and bring peace and new thought patterns to your world.

There are also those who have not had the attention or the understanding of the newness that they bring to this world and are stuck in the dark holes of disaster that is surrounding them.

These are the ones who are always angry and “at war” either with each other or another group of beings that are looking for way to improve their financial role and try to take over the land that has been angry for so many generations.

These are the children for could not and would not study or try to find their way during their growing years. These are the children who would stand on the corner of your town with tattoos and body piercing and not try to improve their stake in life.

You will find, as time goes by, that these children or young people will become adapted into the positive society and in a few years will know just why they are here and will start to bring a cure to the natural world.

When they find their niche they will be able to work with the dolphins and cleanse the seas and skies of all of the pollution that is overtaking this planet.

They are just a little slower than the original Indigo children who were the first to be recognized and there for are having a trying time competing with those who came before.

You will find, with the next decade, that the anger and frustration of the middle east, which is drawing these young people to their shores, will soon disappear and the land of your fathers will become, once again, a world of love and laughter with green valleys and flowing rivers.

The world is changing and the natural world around you is changing with it.

There is much talk about global warming, but we all know that is a farce. Just another way to grab millions of dollars from your pocket books and place it in the hands of those without any sense or knowledge of the world around them.

You will find that the global warming will soon be a thing of the past and the land of deserts and aridness will open up and the fruits of the world will come into being and the land will, as in the past, be open and full of all of the necessary crops to make your life whole again.

Do not fret. Place your hands in the hands of the young people who are passing forward knowledge from the Trinity Universe. A Universe that has been around for many eons and one who blue star children have lived over 50 million years.

They have much hidden knowledge that is just coming to the surface and many dreams that have been sent with them to help this Earth survive all of the anger and frustration of the present day.

Put aside all of your thoughts and concentrate on those young beings. See how they intermingle and how they bring the new knowledge, of even the simplest of things, into the present day revolution.

Watch the skies and see how the Intergalactic force glides overheard to protect all of in these trying times.
Think about these words and then ask yourself about the generation after the Blue Stars. The children of the blue stars who are starting to come upon this plane and how even at a young age are bringing new thoughts and ideas into your minds.

Think on these things.


The forum is closed.

These have been struggling times and soon the Forum will have to close for a time. We will keep in touch and let you know how things progress.

We leave you now in peace and love,
Zephyr and Borealis