Beloved, I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which lies ahead. I bring you the serenity and comfort of knowing that you are blessed and that you are well cared for by those who guide and direct you.

Join with us now as we, once again, bring into your conscious mind the Masters, Guides, Celestial Beings, Angels and Archangels, Father Michael and Mother Sophia and of course our blessed God/Goddess.

It gets to be quite a crowd up here, but we are all listening to you each day and hearing the pain and suffering that is going on upon your planet. We are hearing that there is much anger and disruption going on in places that you been known to be aggressive for many generations in the past.

There are parts of your planet Earth that are full of unrest and disruption and yet there are also places where the power of peace and grace reign supreme and the land is full of growth and the waters run free of any pollution that seems to overcome the rest of this world.

There are parts of this world where there is solitude and joy and those who live in these places run happily through the streets and villages of the area. Once the earth was much like this in all parts of the land. Once the waters ran free and the fish were plentiful and the ground brought forth the fruit and vegetables that are so necessary to your growth and development.

Then came the times when those who were leaders of this land, became unhappy with their lot and moved forward to gain more and more of the populace and the land upon which they walk. Those times have not changed, only the need to grab more and more and more has increased.

The anger that is being sent forth from the Middle East is bringing spread throughout the world and you are not able, in your light worker manner, to dispel all of this anger. The leaders of your various lands do not have the stamina to push themselves forward and become strong and arrogant enough to push back the war like influence that these people possess.

Coming into the picture from places that are little known, are those leaders who will push forward and release the Middle East from the stranglehold that it is now under.

Coming into play are those who have been sitting back watching the upheaval and the frustration and distress that has been going on and now they are tired of just sitting and waiting. You will see them come forth in great numbers and destroy all of unrest that is now present in the world.

Some of these souls are from the past and have been here upon this earth when these times were repeated. They are trained warriors with the intelligence and knowledge to assist in the capture and repair of this world.

They are beings who look and act exactly like you, but have the inner ability to move forward in an inconspicuous manner and release the anger that is around them.

They are from our planet star Arcturus and are part of the Galactic Federation.

As we have said in the past, we are watching and waiting for things to change upon this earth, and now is the time for us to come forward and help you to return to the times of peace and joy.

As we have said in the past, our star ships are above you and watching for just the right time to come to you aid. You will not be aware of these ships of the sky for they are in a different dimension, but they are there and they are here to help.

When the time is right we will come forth in our own way and introduce ourselves to you. You will be surprised to see just who and where we are, but we will come in peace when the warring faction has been demolished.

Know that we are with you always and know that there are those of you who can actually see and know who we are. Many of you walking upon this Earth have lived with us upon Arcturus and will recognize many when we open ourselves to your consciousness.

Many of you have walked this land that we call home and are anxiously awaiting the time when we will be able to join hands and be as one. The time is soon.

Some of our work may not be recognized as aggression. Some of our work may not be recognized at all because we sometimes work on the soul level where only those open to this ability can visualize what we are doing.

Sit back and wait and see how things will change in the next few months. You will even see a difference in the leaders of the “FREE” world and how they react to the needs of the people that they serve.

We like to say “serve” because that is what they are supposed to do. However, if they are becoming more ruler than guide and this will change. In some cases they will be removed from the office that they hold and others of a more positive nature will take their place.

It may not be the leaders themselves that are replaced but those who have been directing them. Their faces will become more obvious as the times change and the world becomes more peaceful and calm.

Watch and wait and listen to the words that are coming across the screens of the media boxes that seem to take most of the space in your homes.

Watch and wait and listen to the sounds of joy that will be spread throughout the world as the times and tides change and peace once again is supreme.

Remember that we are with you in all parts of your lives. When times are negative we are with you to sort out the bad from the good and set you on your way to a positive nature.

Remember that we are your guides and that if you but listen and do as is suggested then you will be able to move in the positive light which placed you in this world, at this time.

Be of peace and love all who are around you.


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I have a distinct feeling that our guide today was Ashtar, leader of the Intergalactic Federation and one who has spoken to us often. Today he seems much more direct and closer as a guide than as a ruler. We thank you Ashtar for your words and thoughts and understanding.

We leave you now in peace and love,
Zephyr and Borealis
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