Happy New Year

Vol. 23, part 44

Beloved I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the great Central Sun. I bring you peace and joy and the laughter that is so needed upon this plane at the present time. I bring you contentment and the serenity that you have been searching for during these past incarnations. I bring you the words of the Masters as they come forth to speak to you on this last Sunday of your year.

Yes, here we are anticipating what this New Year shall bring as we bring forth our thoughts of what yesterday gave to you in this world of unrest and turmoil.

Yes, here we are mulling over all that has passed, for each one of you, during the sometimes trying times and sometimes the best of times. It is difficult to know which is the best or the worst of you life as you go forth into a New Year with anticipation and joy.

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